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Health/Safety Electric Warm Water Mat

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Fabric Health and Safety Electric Warm Water Mat Square Multi-color(Pd No. : 3035730)


Health/Safety Electric Warm Water Mat
We bring your beds and living room into the unique floor heating system in Korea…

Warm / Comfortable / Safe


- Safety assured design
- Realizing extremely low noise and no vibration water boiler
- Comfortable 2-Way Separated Heating System
(Double Sized Warm Water Mat / Big Sized Warm Water Carpet)
- Auto Power Shutdown and Reserve Function
- Enabling pleasant and comfortable sleeps by sleep science




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4. Marking and coding printer on the products directly without label
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7. eco-frendly items : Paper Pot,Paper Cup,paper lunch box /Deluxe shopping & Case
8. Smart Electric Range for Induction cookware (Deluxe type)
9. Cosmetics

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Health_Safety Electric Warm Water Mat

Health_Safety Electric Warm Water Mat