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kitchen containers (Cookware)

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Cast iron(Titanium) kitchen containers (Cookware)

All the procedures including molding, die-casting, manufacturing, coating, and packing are monitored by our quality management system. Our most competitive products are die- cast aluminum fry pans, royal fans, roasting pans, double-sided pans, and pots.

Every product has been meticulously designed and expertly manufactured by all one stop system in the field of mold, die-casting and coating. Also, The Company is a most competitive elegant cookware which is custom-manufactured by buyer and partner requirements.

Innovative 3D coating Fry pan of various design, Pass the test of coating strength using the stainless cocking utensil of 200,000 times as the IRON coating of German blending technology, Perfectly safe surface (non-PTFE & non-PTOA)
Make beautiful kitchen by cookware of various colors.


Cast iron(Titanium) kitchen containers (Cookware)




see the picture (generally cookware but good quality)


Aluminum Cast with Diamond coating or Titanium coating And cookware for Induction Electric Range

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kitchen containers -Cookware-